Bug Fixes
🔔 Previously, the
executed due to an integration would be counted in the total
consumed. Polls are not considered tasks anymore. Now, the Integry users will only be notified if the actual tasks (consumed) exceed the set limit - without accounting for polls.
App Connector Builder
- Previously, users were unable to clone App Connectors successfully. They were facing the following issues:
  • The account information was not being fetched in the cloned app - causing the users to connect their accounts again.
  • In some cases, the users were unable to go further than account connection.
These issues have been fixed.
Guided Flow Builder
- Previously, the users could not collapse a step's configure section if a required field was not filled out. This has been updated now. Users can collapse the configure section and if the required field isn't filled, the step's status icon shows an error until it's filled.
App Connector Builder
- Previously, the users were unable to delete old/active accounts from an Authorization. However, they were able to delete newly created accounts. This issue has been fixed now.
Marketplace Builder
- Previously, if the user made some changes in the Marketplace builder and switched between the tabs before the autosave call to run, the changes would not get saved and the user wouldn't be notified of any error. This issue has been fixed. User-entered data is saved quickly in the Marketplace builder now.
Dropdown Field Configuration
- Previously, the parent field tags were not available while configuring the child field's data source. As a result, the users could not test the data source for the child fields. This issue has been fixed. Now, the tags for the parent field's tested values are available to use while configuring the child step.
App Connector Builder
👥 Previously, the users could add duplicate Base URL(s) for their App Connectors. This issue has been fixed now. You can only add unique Base URL(s) to your App Connectors.
❌ Previously, users were able to delete default Workspace Apps which would hinder them to create Flows and Deployments for their app's workspaces. This issue has been resolved now. A user cannot delete their default workspace.
Invite Your Teams 🤩
Integry enables you to invite your team members to access your account and collaborate with you on your tasks and projects. Now, multiple team members can access your account and co-create integrations for your end-users. Learn how to invite your team members to your Integry account.
Guided Flow Builder
✋ Previously, if a user wanted to edit a published Flow, they weren't able to save their updates and weren't informed that they have to unpublish the Flow first. This issue has been fixed now. If a user tries to edit a published Flow and tries to save it without un-publishing it first, a tooltip is displayed when they hover over the save button - specifying that they have to unpublish the Flow before saving any changes.
Logo Upload Component
💁‍♀️ If a user tries to upload their app's logo that is larger than the required size, they now have the option to crop or resize the logo according to the system's requirements. Previously, they could only upload logos with the exact size of 128x128px.
Integration Marketplace
🛡️ Previously, if the user entered the URL of a Flow setup page in their browser, they were able to access the setup page even if they weren't logged into the Marketplace first. This issue has been fixed now. The user can't access the setup page of a Flow before signing into the Marketplace.
🌀 Previously, when the user wasn't signed into the Marketplace and clicked on the 'Use Flow' button of a Flow Card, they were redirected to the app's login page. After a successful login, instead of being taken back to the Flow Detail Page, they were taken back to the Flow Card listings page on the Marketplace. This issue has been fixed now. If a user is not logged into the Marketplace, after logging in, they're taken back to where they left off (i.e., on the Flow Detail Page of a Flow Card).
App Connector Builder
🏷️ Previously, the users didn't have access to the
input field
tags in the dropdown menu while configuring the API call. Input field tags are accessible now while configuring the Request URL of the API call.
Customer Feedback & Feature Requests
If you have any suggestions or feedback for team Integry or wish to log a feature request, you can do that directly from your Integry account. Simply click on your profile avatar and then on Feedback/Feature Requests (shown below).
Screenshot 2022-01-05 at 11
This menu item links to our Canny account, where you'll have access to our Roadmap, logged suggestions, and changelog.
Guided Flow Builder
- Previously, upon adding a
Poll-based Trigger
to a step, if the user saved the Flow without testing it, the Flow step would start getting tested automatically. This issue has been fixed now. A step is only tested when the user clicks on the
App Connector Builder
- Previously, when the user tried to clone an Activity, the Data Source endpoint wouldn't clone. This issue has been fixed. Upon cloning an Activity, the Data Source endpoint is now populated in the drop-downs, radio boxes, and checkboxes.
App Connector Builder
🌱 Previously, while configuring an OAuth type authorization, the users were able to add a Token URL endpoint. Now, they're able to customize the Token API call. Learn more about how to
customize the Token API Call
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